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Hr Quarterly Report Template
Author: Sue Smith, Deputy HR Director (Operations)
Document Approved by: Lynn Vaughan, Director of Human Resources
Date: 16 April 2012
Version: Final
Agenda Item : 13 Page 6 of 11
6. Appraisal
Appraisal Rate
(%) Dec-11
Appraisal Rate
(%) Jan-12
Appraisal Rate
(%) Feb-12
Trust 54.9 56.2 54.8
Corporate 68.5 71.2 71.5
Facilities 47.3 60.1 59.6
Medicine 61.2 59.4 56.6
Surgery 49.4 48.3 47.5
A review of appraisal has been undertaken as part of the 2011/12 internal audit plan and a revised
appraisal action plan has been developed.
The Associate Director of Learning & Development is leading a review of the Trust’s Appraisal Policy &
Procedure, including the Appraisal capture documentation, in partnership with the Divisional Management
In addition, the Associate Director of Learning & Development is reviewing the reporting mechanism for
Appraisals, in partnership with the Head of Workforce Information Systems, and identifying areas of low
compliance to understand barriers to appraisal completion / reporting.
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Hr Quarterly Report Template