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Hr Retirement Policy Template
Workforce Retirement Policy (HRP31)
1.1 Rationale
Wirral Primary Care Trust recognises that its success depends on its ability to
attract, recruit and retain suitably qualified, skilled and experienced staff,
particularly as the demand for healthcare grows. The Trust also recognises the
importance of supporting its staff to achieve a balance between their work and
home life not just during employment but also in planning the transition to
retirement at a time and pace which suits the individual.
1.2 Scope
The policy applies to all directly employed PCT staff irrespective of contracted
hours, grade, status or gender.
1.3 Aims
The aims of the policy are:
i. To allow sufficient flexibility in terms of the options for retirement to
accommodate the needs of the service and those of the individual.
ii. Increase age diversity in the workforce.
iii. To retain skilled and able workers.
iv. To aid in workforce planning.
v. To provide guidance so that managers and staff are aware of the options that
are available and the ability of the individual to make choices about the way in
which they wish to retire and their eventual retirement.
vi. To clarify the rights of the individual and the organisation.
Vii To meet the extended working requirements of the Employment Equality
(Age) Regulations 2006.
vii. Increase employee commitment and loyalty through enabling more ownership
of length of working lives.
2.1 Retirement Options
i. At present, entitlement to State Retirement Pension begins at 65 years for
men and 60 years for women where an insurance contribution has been
ii. From 6 April 2020, however, state pension age for both men and women
will be 65. The Government will introduce the change gradually from age
60 to 65 for women over a 10-year period from 2010 to 2020. (A Guide to
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Hr Retirement Policy Template