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A. Persistent manipulation of time
B. Retarding and advancing clocks
C. Serving meals at odd times
D. Disrupting sleep schedules
E. Disorientation regarding day and night
F. Unpatterned "questioning" sessions
G. Nonsensical questioning
H. Ignoring half-hearted attempts to cooperate
I. Rewarding non-cooperation
In general, thwarting any attempt by the subject to relate to his new environment will reinforce the
effects of regression and drive him deeper and deeper into himself, until he is no longer able to
control his responses in an adult fashion.
Whether regression occurs spontaneously under detention or is inadvertently induced by the
"questioner", it should not be allowed to continue beyond the point necessary to obtain compliance.
calls for remedial treatment as soon as it is noticed. In some cases A psychiatrist should be present
if severe techniques are to be employed, to insure full reversal later. As soon as possible, the
"questioner" should provide the subject with the rationalization that he needs for giving in and
cooperating. This rationalization is likely to be elementary, an adult version of a childhood excuse
such as: called.
1. "They made you do it."
2. "All the other boys are doing it."
3. "You're really a good boy at heart."
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