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Idaho Quitclaim Deed Form 1
Idaho Quitclaim Deed Form 1
6260EN Rev. 6/2015
Quitclaim Deeds and Life Estates
What is a Quitclaim Deed
A quitclaim deed is one way to transfer
ownership of real property such as:
A house
Certain mobile homes
The person who transfers the property by
selling or making a gift of it is the Grantor.”
The person who gets the property is the
All real estate transactions must
be in writing.
A Quitclaim deed is different from other types
of deeds:
The grantor of a quitclaim deed makes
no guarantee or promises that the
property is free of debt.
The Grantor of a quitclaim deed makes
no promises that no one else claims to
own the property.
The Quitclaim deed says that the Grantor is
signing over whatever ownership interest
s/he may have in the property. It does not
even guarantee that the Grantor has any
ownership interest at all.
Before transferring any property, talk to a
lawyer. Find out all the possible
consequences of the transfer in your case.
Once you sign a Quitclaim deed and give it to
the Grantee, the transfer is final. You no
longer own the property.
What if I want my property back after I
sign the form
It may be impossible or very hard to undo the
deed. The Grantee would have to agree to
Quitclaim the property back to you.
If the Grantee refuses to do this, you would
have to prove the transfer was invalid.
You signed the deed under threats or
other extreme pressure
You signed it due to lies the Grantee
told you
You may have to hire a lawyer to invalidate
the transfer. That can cost a lot. It may not
Do not sign the quitclaim deed if:
You feel threatened or rushed or
under pressure to sign it.
You feel the person you are giving the
property to may be lying about
something related to the property, or
your ability to continue living there.
A Quitclaim deed is nearly impossible to undo
once you have signed it and given it to the
Grantee. Talk to a lawyer before you sign the
What if I was lied to or tricked into
signing a quitclaim deed
Someone who tricks you into signing a
Quitclaim deed may be found guilty of theft
by deception in the first degree, a class B
felony. This kind of felony is punishable by:
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Idaho Quitclaim Deed Form 1