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Independent Contractor Proposal Template
Independent Contractor Proposal Template
This contract (the “Contract”) made and entered into this __________ day of
__________________, 2004, by and between the JEFFERSON COUNTY HOUSING
AUTHORITY (hereinafter, the “JCHA”), and the undersigned individual (hereinafter, the
“Security Officer”).
WHEREAS, the JCHA desires that all public housing under its authority be maintained as drug
free and crime free facilities;
WHEREAS, the JCHA believes that security services in additional to those currently supplied
by public entities are necessary in order to maintain its facilities as drug free and crime free
WHEREAS, the JCHA has entered into, or plans to enter into, contracts with several qualified
individuals to provide security services to its facilities;
WHEREAS, the Security Officer is trained in law enforcement; and
WHEREAS, the JCHA desires to independently contract for security services from the Security
Officer and the Security Officer desires to be an independent contractor to provide security
service for the JCHA.
NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the above premises, the mutual promises, undertakings
and agreements contained herein below, and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt
and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties hereto do agree as follows:
1. General Information:
a) Security Officer’s Full Name: First ________________________
Middle: ______________ _______
Last: ________________________
b) Security Officer’s Address: _____________________________
c) Social Security Number: _____________________________
d) Date of Birth: _____________________________
e) Hourly Contract Rate: _____________________________
(Gross rate before taxes or other withholding.)
2. Payroll Taxes: As a convenience to the Security officer, JCHA will withhold all federal and
state income taxes, social security taxes, unemployment taxes or any other taxes that might
be due as a result of the fees earned by Security Officer for performing services under this
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Independent Contractor Proposal Template