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Independent Contractor Proposal Template
Agreement. If the Security Officer does not wish for the JCHA to withhold such taxes, he or
she should so indicate by initialing in the space provided below; however, the Security
Officer is hereby informed that if no taxes are withheld from fees earned for performing
services under this Agreement, the Security Officer is personally liable for such taxes and a
statement will be forwarded to the Internal Revenue Service each year indicating that fees
were earned, but no taxes were withheld.
(I do not wish for JCHA to withhold any payroll taxes from my fees. I
understand that I will be liable for such taxes and that a statement will
be sent to the Internal Revenue Service indicating the amount of fees I
earned upon which no taxes have been paid.)
Security Officer’s Initials
3. Representations and Warranties of Security Officer: The Security Officer hereby
represents and warrants to JCHA as follows:
a) The Security Officer has been trained in law enforcement as follows (e.g. current or
former police officer, sheriff or FBI agent): ________________________________
b) The Security Officer has never been convicted of a crime except as follows:
c) The Security Officer has no physical or mental disabilities which would limit his or
her performance of the duties assumed under this Contract:
d) The Security Officer has a valid and current Alabama Drivers License Number
____________________ and has been charged with no traffic offenses or accidents
within the last five (5) years except as follows: ______________________________
e) The Security Officer warrants that by acceptance of this contract he is not in violation
of any current police department guidelines or regulations to which he is subject by
means of other employment.
f) The Security Officer warrants that he is not currently on sick, medical or disability
leave from his place of regular employment as a police officer, sheriff, or FBI agent.
4. Security Officer’s Duties: The duties and extent of services provided by the Security officer
shall include, without limitation, the following:
a) The Security officer agrees to perform patrols of various JCHA facilities, as identified
to the Security Officer from time to time, to enforce all state and local laws and any
JCHA rules provided to such Security Officer. If Security Officer is a current sworn
police officer, sheriff or other law enforcement professional, Security Officer agrees
that he or she shall, at all times, remain part of, subject to and in direct relationship
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Independent Contractor Proposal Template