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with such police department’s, sheriff’s department’s, or other law enforcements
department’s chain of command and under such department’s rules, regulations and
standard operating procedures. If the terms of this Contract conflicts with any such
rules, regulations and standard operating procedures, such rules, regulations and
standard operating procedures shall control to the extent of such conflict.
b) The Security Officer agrees to periodically meet with the other security officers who
have executed contracts similar to this contract and are providing security services for
the JCHA. The purpose of such meeting shall be (i) for the election, from among the
security officers, a liaison to inform the JCHA of the schedule of each security officer
and (ii) for discussion of security problems at any JCHA property and submitting a
report thereof to the JCHA.
c) The Security Officer agrees to cooperate with other security officers under contract
with the JCHA such that there shall be two security officers on duty between the
hours of 3:00 P.M. and 12:00 A.M., on, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
of each week. The Security Officer further agrees to cooperate with other security
officers and the JCHA to accommodate the JCHA in providing security services at
such other times as JCHA may request from time to time.
d) The Security Officer agrees to submit a statement to the JCHA on the business day
closest to the 15
and the 20
of each month stating the dates and the number of
hours the Security Officer performed security services since he or she last submitted a
statement. If the JCHA proscribes a form for submission of each time, the Security
Officer agrees to use such form.
e) The Security officer agrees that he or she will provide his or her own transportation,
communication equipment and weapons (if Security Officer desires a weapon).
5. JCHA Rules and Regulations: In accordance with paragraph 3.a., above, the Security
Officer agrees to enforce the following rules of the JCHA:
a) Unauthorized visitors in unoccupied structures of the authority shall be removed.
b) Unauthorized visitors creating disturbance or otherwise interfering with the peaceful
enjoyment of lessees on JCHA property shall be removed.
c) Unauthorized visitors destroying, defacing or removing JCHA property shall be
d) “No trespass” notices shall be served and enforced.
e) Vehicles parked in inoperable manner shall be tagged, identified (ID), and towed.
6. Criminal Background Check: The Security Officer hereby grants authority and permission
to the JCHA to order a criminal background check of Security Officer to verify information
provided herein.
7. Independent Contractor Relationship: The security officer is an independent contractor of
the JCHS and is not an employee or agent of the JCHA, notwithstanding the fact that, as a
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