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Informal Meeting Minutes: November 12, 2013/ page 3
education and information about FECs and food hubs, research of likely models, and
brainstorming workshops. Singerman said they are seeking support from the Board of
Supervisors with money through the Economic Development Block Grant in the amount
of $5,000. None of the information reported today would have been compiled without
past support from the Board.
Harney asked whether the Board’s recent Limited Processing Facility Ordinance
would compete with this proposed expansion to FECs. Grimm said no because the scales
of limited processing facilities and FECs are very different. Singerman said the proposed
FEC would be staffed by professionals with experience in recipe development and food
production. The proposal Harney referred to was focused more on direct marketing
products into the farmers markets and community supported agriculture (CSA). Grimm
said currently food businesses mostly go through the training for food processing at the
University of Nebraska which is expensive.
Sullivan gave the example of the Sioux City Sioux brand name, which serves
Woodbury County’s economic development. He asked whether Johnson County could
have a similar level of ownership depending on the amount of money the Board allocates
to this proposal. Singerman said she and Grimm hope the planning process will answer
that question. Sullivan said they have worked well with Linn County but the county
where the facility is located will reap all of the economic benefit because counties in
Iowa are mostly funded through property taxes. Rettig said this report will be available at and more information will be sent to the public.
Neuzil said this past summer, Solon High School student Clayton Olson shadowed
him on the job and is going to address the Board.
Olson said he interviewed the following individuals for his research on barriers
veterans face in finding employment in Johnson County: Veterans Affairs Director Gary
Boseneiler, Sheriff’s Major Steve Dolezal, Medical Examiner Administrator Mike
Hensch, Assistant Planning and Zoning Administrator R.J. Moore, Human Resources
Administrator Lora Shramek, and Ambulance Director Steve Spenler. Olson summarized
ways local government can address this problem and discussed advantages to hiring
veterans in the public and the private sector.
Executive Assistant Andy Johnson noted the following Board meeting schedule:
November 21st: Formal/Informal Meeting at 9:00 a.m. followed by a Budget Work
Session; November 25th: Budget Works Session; November 26th: Secondary Road’s
quarterly meeting on the 5-Year Road Construction Plan; November 27th: Key Issues
Meeting. Most County offices are closed for the Thanksgiving holiday on November
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