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Information For Schools Privacy Notice Template
Information For Schools Privacy Notice Template
Information for Schools
The Information Commissioner has recommended that the term 'Fair Processing
Notice' be replaced by 'Privacy Notice'. The Department for Children, Schools and
Families (DFE) is therefore adopting this approach in its data collections from 2011,
and has reviewed the whole process of issuing Privacy Notices. In the past, the
suggested text has included the use of school information made available by the LA
or the DFE. However, the new process will mean much simpler Privacy Notices,
where details of any organizations with which the LA and DFE share data are
contained on the LA and DFEwebsites, with links from the Privacy Notices. This
means that Privacy Notices do not need reissuing on an annual basis. The aim is to
make the Privacy Notices issued to children and staff general and constant. The new
approach is that a single, short and easily understandable Privacy Notice can be
provided to pupils and staff by the school at the same time as other communications
that they issue. For example:
A pupil might receive the Privacy Notice as part of a school brochure or
induction pack, or in a school diary, and it could be posted on the school
notice board.
For staff, the Privacy Notice might be included as part of a contract, induction
pack, and posted on the staff notice board, etc.
It is anticipated that staff, and young people over the age of 12 with the maturity to
make their own decisions, should generally be able to request to see their personal
information themselves under the Subject Access Provisions (S.7) of the Data
Protection Act. For young people under 12, their parents will act on their behalf. In
any event, it will be for the school, as data controller, to assess whether the child is
capable of understanding the personal information in question, and so decide
whether the parent needs to make the request on the child's behalf.
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Information For Schools Privacy Notice Template