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Information Security Policy Template
Information Security Policy Template
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Information Security Policy
1. Purpose
The purpose of this Policy is to safeguard information belonging to the University and
its stakeholder (third parties, clients or customers and the general public), within a
secure environment.
This Policy informs the University’s staff, students, and other individuals entitled to
use University facilities, of the principles governing the holding, use and disposal of
It is the goal of the University that:
Information will be protected against unauthorised access or misuse.
Confidentiality of information will be secured.
Integrity of information will be maintained.
Availability of information / information systems is maintained for service
Business continuity planning processes will be maintained.
Regulatory, contractual and legal requirements will be complied with.
Physical, logical, environmental and communications security will be
Infringement of this Policy may result in disciplinary action or criminal
When information is no longer of use, it is disposed of in a suitable manner.
All information security incidents will be reported to the Director of ICT
Systems, and investigated through the appropriate management channel.
Information relates to:
Electronic information systems (software, computers, and peripherals)
owned by the University whether deployed or accessed on or off campus.
The University’s computer network used either directly or indirectly.
Hardware, software and data owned by the University.
Paper-based materials.
Electronic recording devices (video, audio, CCTV systems).
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Information Security Policy Template