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8. Any third parties entrusted with University data understand their
responsibilities with respect to maintaining its security.
2.4 Personal Information
Authorised users of information systems are not given rights of privacy in
relation to their use of University information systems. Duly authorised officers
of the University may access or monitor personal data contained in any
University information system (mailboxes, web access logs, file-store etc).
2.5 Individuals in breach of this policy are subject to disciplinary procedures (staff
or student) at the instigation of the Dean/Director with responsibility for the
relevant information system, including referral to the Police where appropriate.
The University will take legal action to ensure that its information systems are
not used by unauthorised persons.
3. Ownership
3.1 The Director of ICT Systems has direct responsibility for maintaining this
policy and providing guidance and advice on its implementation.
Information system owners are responsible for the implementation of this
Policy within their area, and to ensure adherence.
A. Appendix: Subsidiary Policies
The detail of acceptable use in specific areas may be found in the following list
of subsidiary polices:
1. ICT Acceptable use policy
2. Network password policy
3. Network connection policy
4. Software licensing policy
5. E-mail usage policy
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