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Information Technology Specialist Resume Sample
Taylor E. Dash
Supported core analytic missions through production solution specialists
Developed and delivered timely and agile technical solutions to emergent requirements
Supported the implementation and continuous improvement of the Charleston Naval Base entire
production and dissemination environment for all types of products and services including metrics,
transition to cloud, connectivity using social media, production tools, etc.
Collaborated with analysts and line management to identify and articulate production and
dissemination requirements
Translated functional requirements into technical specifications in conjunction with designated
technical experts
Designed, developed, and implemented technical solutions to emerging production requirements
leveraging the enterprise Systematic Architecture for Virtual Analytic net-centric system
Created and implemented workforce training for new production tool solutions
Professional Training
Test Preparation 220-301 A+ Core
Hardware and Operation Systems
Managerial Communications
MS TCP/IP on Windows NT 4.0
TACLANE Operations
ATM Encryption
TSEC/KG-81/84/57/58/99 Limited
LAN Fundamentals
Network User Licensing
LAN Media and Components
MS Windows NT Essentials; NET Essentials
Automated System Operations and
Advanced Command/Control Operations
Crypto Systems/Devices
Computer, Network, Cryptographic, and
Switch Systems
Basic Electrical Principles/CKTS
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Information Technology Specialist Resume Sample