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Inspection Report Template
Inspection Report Template
EPA SWPPP Inspection Report, Version 1.1, September 17, 2007 1
Appendix B: Sample Inspection Report
This sample inspection report has been developed as a helpful tool to aid you in completing your
site inspections. This sample inspection report was created consistent with EPA’s Developing
Your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan. You can find both the guide and the sample
inspection report (formatted in Microsoft Word) at
This inspection report is provided in Microsoft Word format to allow you to easily customize it
for your use and the conditions at your site. You should also customize this form to help you
meet the requirements in your construction general permit related to inspections. If your
permitting authority provides you with an inspection report, please use that form.
For more information on inspections, please see Developing Your Stormwater Pollution Plan
Chapters 6 and 8.
Using the Inspection Report
This inspection report is designed to be customized according to the BMPs and conditions at
your site. For ease of use, you should take a copy of your site plan and number all of the
stormwater BMPs and areas of your site that will be inspected. A brief description of the BMP
or area should then be listed in the site-specific section of the inspection report. For example,
specific structural BMPs such as construction site entrances, sediment ponds, or specific areas
with silt fence (e.g., silt fence along Main Street; silt fence along slope in NW corner, etc.)
should be numbered and listed. You should also number specific non-structural BMPs or areas
that will be inspected (such as trash areas, material storage areas, temporary sanitary waste areas,
You can complete the items in the “General Information” section that will remain constant, such
as the project name, NPDES tracking number, and inspector (if you only use one inspector).
Print out multiple copies of this customized inspection report to use during your inspections.
When conducting the inspection, walk the site by following your site map and numbered
BMPs/areas for inspection. Also note whether the overall site issues have been addressed
(customize this list according to the conditions at your site). Note any required corrective actions
and the date and responsible person for the correction in the Corrective Action Log.
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Inspection Report Template