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Insurance Company Quotation Template
Appendix 20 – Sample Documents for General Maintenance Works Contract
The attached samples are correspondence for invitation of tenders (with or without Project
Consultant), as well as samples of contract conditions for small scale maintenance works (contract
amount up to HK$1 million). For works exceeding HK$1 million, it is considered to the best
interest of the owners to engage a building professional as a Project Consultant to coordinate, arrange
and supervise the required works.
The suggested formats of letters and documents for building maintenance works in this Appendix
have been prepared by private consultants. They are for reference only . Advice should be sought
from Project Consultants, if employed by the building owners for the proposed works, on whether
such formats should be modified to suit the special circumstances of each case. If no Project
Consultant has been employed for the works, the building owners should at least appoint an
experienced member from the Project Steering Committee or appropriate person with backgrounds in
contract administration to give similar advice.
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Insurance Company Quotation Template