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Integrative Assignment Template
Integrative Assignment Template
Reaching College Readiness (Fall 2009)
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Program or course(s): English 99
Instructor(s): Lynn Dunlap Academic period: Fall 09
Overarching understanding goal(s) or throughline(s)
Students will develop an understanding of the characteristics (attitudes and actions) that
lead to successful learning and apply it to their performance in the course and to their
chosen program or academic majors.
Generative topic(s)
Relevant to students and society Central to one or more disciplines or areas of expertise
Accessible through multiple means Connected to other topics taught
What are some of the challenges learners encounter
What are the characteristics that help them meet these challenges
What are the characteristics of people who are successful in a particular field
Key understanding-based assignment
What will we ask our students to do to develop and demonstrate their understanding
• Aimed at targeted concepts, methods, and skills
• Requires thinking with and about novel content
Builds and integrates understanding
The final project comes as the culmination of a series of assignments:
Students will first identify their own learning goals for reading and for writing, based on
a pair of inventories, one of the skills used in active reading and one of skills used in the
writing process.
Based on a set of readings, which students annotate and discuss, each student will write
paragraphs that (a) identify key characteristics that enabled people to overcome
challenges to their learning and (b) characteristics of successful learners as identified by
some current research.
The final project asks students to interview someone in their program or major—a
professor or someone in the profession—and do library/internet research to determine
the critical reading, writing, and analytical skills that successful professionals need in their
chosen field. They write the results of their analysis in a formal essay that uses
supporting evidence from the interview and from one or more academic or professional
journals or websites.
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Integrative Assignment Template