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Interactive Project Manager Resume
Interactive Project Manager Resume
LAURA CANNON Cell: 207-542-7059 ~
CAREER FOCUS: Project Manager
Qualification Summary
! Proven cross-functional team leadership talent to build consensus amongst all stakeholders and
keep projects on track even under difficult circumstances to deliver exceptional results
! Exceptionally diverse combination of hard and soft skills from software savvy and process
methodology to risk management, learning agility, and interpersonal effectiveness
! Unique blend of strategic and creative proficiency to fill multiple roles on a small team and
interact productively with all departments
! Experience with a wide variety of media including video, print and interactive, with expertise in
determining best media channel for delivery of targeted communications
! Strong marketing expertise in launching award-winning products and strengthening brand identity
for a diverse selection of organizations
Strategic Planning
Played key role in the core team of a successful start-up, bringing to market a new digital platform for
consumers and businesses, setting the course and establishing the company as the leader in the field.
Analyzed user data to identify opportunity to create new revenue channel leveraging existing product capabilities for
significantly higher rates of revenue.
Persuaded the executive management team of a $10 million company to define and execute a new strategic
marketing plan, focused on the company’s brand, in order to counteract a severe economic downturn.
Co-managed a comprehensive redesign of the marketing plan for 4 programs in a network of 5 schools, during a
transitional phase for a non-profit organization.
Researched and collected critical data that enabled school leaders to focus on most popular courses with greatest potential.
Project Management & Leadership
Established the processes and orchestrated the launch of a multi-tiered, vanguard eCommerce application for over 50
national brands, such as The Home Depot, Williams-Sonoma, and Groupon.
Oversaw a team of 20+ graphic designers, programmers and account managers on Kraft brand projects for a leading
agency in high-end, cutting edge interactive marketing for Fortune 500 clients.
Spearheaded and managed projects for a large manufacturer that included all web-based initiatives; graphic design, layout
and copywriting for retail campaigns.
Managed the design and layout of a new 90-page wilderness school catalog in the middle of a large reorganization and
produced catalog 2 months ahead of schedule.
Orchestrated the overhaul of an entire marketing campaign, including a 300+ page web site, email communications,
catalog, postcards and brochures for a non-profit organization.
Media & Marketing
Designed, managed, and provided statistical analysis of marketing placements, messaging, and promotion types across print,
video, mobile, and social platforms, leading to a focus of resources on the most profitable initiatives.
Provided design consultation and management of an award-winning exhibit for Moss, Inc. 2 years-running at the Globalshop retail
trade show.
Revamped outdated marketing materials and developed quality sales tools to facilitate the transition from tradeshow to retail
market place.
Designed a consistent look for all marketing collateral that led to increased enrollment and brand identity for an outdoor school.
As producer for a top interactive marketing agency, oversaw the production of the Kraft Interactive Kitchen website that garnered
numerous awards including Computerworld “Top 100 of the Web” and Direct Marketing Association’s Echo Award.
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Interactive Project Manager Resume