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Internship Optometrist Resume
Internship Placement Resume Format
Name Permanent Address and phone number
Local Address
Local Phone Internship Address (if not the same as your
E-mail Address permanent or local address)
Professional Goals
State your preference for secondary level and your subject matter preferences (your teaching major and/or minor).
Include any other information about special challenges that you would like to have next year (e.g. working with ESL
students, being in an urban school, etc.)
Year of graduation Name of institution (e.g. Michigan State University)
Degree completed or to be completed
Majors and minors
Do not include your GPA.
Year of graduation Community college or other university, if applicable
Year of graduation High school
City, State
Pre-Internship Field Experiences
Briefly describe your field experiences in TE 250, 302, 407, and 408.
Semester(s) Name of school or placement site (hours/week)
Describe any special lessons, projects or units you planned and taught, and what you
learned from these experiences. Do not include your mentor’s name.
Teaching Related Work Experience (paid or volunteer - list the most current first)
This section includes tutoring, summer camp counseling, coaching, childcare, etc.
Year Name of institution or organization
Brief description of responsibilities
Other Work Experience
List other jobs you have had. You do not need to include dates, places or responsibilities unless this was a particularly
significant experience in your life. You could, however, describe what you learned from these experiences such as self-
discipline, assuming responsibility, better writing skills, deeper content knowledge, etc., if significant and relevant to your
Awards or Scholarships Received
Personal Interests
List your extra-curricular activities during college or high school, hobbies, travel, special interests or skills such as music,
theater, etc. Mentor teachers find this information very helpful so do not omit it. If you have interests in coaching or
other extra-curricular activities during the internship, this is the place to mention them.
Please do NOT include reference information.
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Internship Optometrist Resume