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Internship Report 2
very similar to those we have drafted in Litigation Practice and Procedure. Although we will need
to wait for answers to the complaints, the attorneys have asked that I start to draft discovery
requests for a few of the larger matters. The clients in these cases want to move forward quickly
so we are trying to have document requests and interrogatories ready as soon as possible.
One of the most interesting cases that we have received recently involves a client that had
his skull crushed in a mining accident. He has suffered severe physical and psychological damage.
Recently, one of his doctors reported that he was improving. He had started to suffer fewer
seizures and his body control was improving. Unfortunately, the judge construed this to mean
that he was completely healed. However, the doctor simply meant that the client was having only
3-4 minor seizures and 1-2 major seizures a day, as compared to the dozens he was suffering each
day before his treatment. We are now asking for a motion to redocket the claim, to consolidate
the old one with the new and to remand the case for further process. It amazes me that our
disability system is so impersonal. It is clear that the system does not take time to actually look at
the person and the family members involved. Instead, the courts simply review the facts on paper
and make a rush decision. All too often it is difficult to make the judge realize that just because a
person is doing better doesn't mean they are well.
I also prepared an employment contract and fee agreement between Mr. Dessers and one of
our new clients. This was relatively simple. As a matter of fact, the fee agreement was structured
much like the one I did in Dr. Wimberlys class. There were clauses, just like she had us to include
in our assignment. Of course, Mr. Dessers had his own details to add, but due to Dr. Wimberly's
instruction it was a lot easier for me to understand what he was talking about.
Once again, I have enclosed examples of my work. The examples have been redacted and
Mr. Dessers has reviewed them.
Revised 03/2005
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