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Invoice Consultant
Rev. 2-27-12
Date: ______________
Consultant Contract No.: ___________
Consultant’s Name:
NOTE: This report must be completed and submitted along with the INVOICE AND
CERTIFICATION FOR CONSULTING SERVICES in order for payment to be rendered.
Please provide as much detail as possible. Sample report data is provided below in
Date Hours; Work Location; Services Provided; Contributions Made
1/2/2012 8 Space Department Office, Johns Hopkins University Applied
Physics Laboratory (APL), Laurel, MD: Meeting with (list
attendees names) to review program plan and schedule for Near Earth
Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) program.
1/4/2012 8 XYZ Consulting Office, Towson, MD: Studied NEAR schedule with
special focus on critical path integration and test (I&T) activities.
Prepared formal recommendations for accelerating I&T activities in
PowerPoint format for presentation scheduled for 8 January 2012.
1/8/2012 4 NEAR program, JHU/APL, Laurel, MD: Presented formal
recommendations concerning NEAR program plan and schedule.
Addressed questions on I&T acceleration recommendations. Provided
insight into options for accelerated thermal testing.
Total: 20 hours
Benefit to APL
During this period my principal activities were to study the NEAR program plan and schedule.
NEAR faces significant schedule risk due to delays in instrument deliveries to APL, resulting in
delays in commencement of I&T activities, and impending NEAR launch date. I&T activities
must be compressed without compromising quality standards or eliminating tests. I analyzed
test plans and requirements; requested and analyzed information on APL test facilities; and
made recommendations for accelerated I&T, focusing on parallel thermal testing activities. My
recommendations, if implemented, make it possible for APL to complete I&T in May 2012.
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