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IT Consulting Proposal Template
[Provider Company] (hereafter known as the Provider) is pleased to submit a
proposal for [Customer Company] (hereafter known as the Client) to serve as an IT
consultant. This proposal describes
the IT consultancy engagement as
well as services, terms, and schedule
for the engagement.
Our IT assessment is the first-step
towards implementing real technology
changes to your staff, processes, and
department as a whole.
The benefits of the assessment:
1. Identify key inefficencies resulting in wasted time and expenses
2. Identify critical bottlenecks that are limiters to growth
3. View a snapshot of your current technology infrastructure, processes,
and staff
4. Identify gaps in industry accepted IT management best practices
5. Provide a clear and actionable roadmap for your IT department based
on budget and needs
The IT assessment is performed by:
1. Meeting with you to learn the basics of your business, strategy, and
2. Reviewing your existing technology systems and infrastructure
3. Performing interviews with key stakeholders and employees
4. Using best in class industry techniques (Six Sigma, ITIL) to review
your business and its operations
5. We provide a detailed Recommendation Report and Executive
Presentation tailored to your organization
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IT Consulting Proposal Template