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IT Consulting Proposal Template
The IT consulting engagement will move through several phases. Every
organization is unique, including its IT needs, capabilities, and objectives. As a
provider, we do not offer canned services; every engagement is custom designed
to meet the organizations specific requirements and goals. However, most
engagements do follow a similar process that
is described below.
Appraisal and Planning
During this stage, the current state and desired
state of IT performance, security, or other
areas that are the focus of the engagement are
accessed, and a course for moving from the
current state to the desired state is determined.
This defines the scope of the consultancy agreement, and clearly defines the
responsibility of the Client and responsibility of the Provider during the
Objectives and Schedule
Once ultimate goals are determined then intermediate objectives and the timeline
for reaching them are established.
Execution and Metrics
Activities to reach objectives and goals are defined and carried out, including
metrics to gauge the success of particular activities in reaching the goal or goals.
The consultancy engagement services can involve, but not limited to:
Developing strategy
Advising and overseeing activities to improve effectiveness and
Present and train industry best practices
Software planning
Hardware/ software integration
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IT Consulting Proposal Template