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It Director Resume
Professional Background
Metaplexity and Associates, Phoenix, AZ 2009 -Present
Senior Associate
As a senior associate of Metaplexity Associates, an Enterprise Architecture consulting and training company, duties
included the instruction and curriculum training of Enterprise Architecture techniques and best practices including
the process of defining and implementing enterprise architectures at any stage of the (EA) lifecycle of the
organization. These consulting and training services are founded in a curriculum of education and training services
that enable architecture personnel and other participants to climb the learning curve quickly and develop a tailored
architecture framework for their organization. Consultancy and assessment services included specialized skills and
knowledge sets that enable the organization to assess their current architecture and envision a target state.
Arizona State University (Human and Social Dimension of Science & Technology), Phoenix, AZ 2009 -Present
PhD Program Social and Cultural Impacts of the Smart Grid
As a student and researcher I am current exploring the analytical methods of three key aspects of the study of the
human and social dimensions of science and technology as it relates to the emerging Smart Grid and human
interaction: 1) the historical, philosophical, and conceptual foundations of science and technology; 2) the social and
institutional foundations of scientific research and technological systems; and 3) the political, ethical, and policy
foundations of science and technology. These activities are a mix of past and current original research being
conducted at ASU and as a participant observer of IEEE Smart Grid p2030 standards workgroup and IEEE Smart
Grid Steering Committee activities
Carlson Companies, Minneapolis, MN 2007 - 2009
Director of Enterprise Architecture
As the Director of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and lead of the EA Practice (EAP) for Corporate Carlson. Primary
responsibilities include: managing the EA Team, determining EA Strategy and sponsoring the corporate wide EA
Council (EAC). Direct reports consist of a matrixed and virtual set of architects, engineers, project/program mangers
and other related extended team members. These teams range in number from as low as 6 individuals to as many as
hundreds. Secondary responsibilities for direct reports is to lead and manage career goals, set EAP direction and
expectations for each, and determine their level of responsibilities. Since this is a high performance team, we are
geared to solving complex business problems, complex architectural solutions, technology issues, while encouraging
cross organizational collaboration on all viable architectural solutions. Our architectural framework and
methodology is based upon TOGAF v8.1.1 and Zackman approaches and is supported by other best practices such
as ITIL and COBIT.
I led and managed all aspects of the EAP and EA strategy primarily focusing on optimizing and maximizing shared
infrastructures, IT technologies and critical architectural solutions. Included in the EA strategy is technology
lifecycle management, architectural business processes, technology standards and principles and linkages into
As mentioned above, I sponsored the EA Council (EAC) that is Carlson's Architectural Governing Council that also
integrates the EAP initiatives, acts as the Standards and Architecture Review Board and includes the Strategic
Business Unit’s (SBU's) Architects, and various leaders from across the organization. The focus is to provide
architectural governance on policies, principles and standards in order to achieve excellence in all parts of the
organization. The EAP is aligned to the EAC and delivers solutions that solve issues specifically for the Strategic
Business Units.
My most significant achievements made were to:
1) Flexible Services Architecture- Develop and deploy a Flexible Services Architecture to de-centralize the
core business services of the parent company, including IT. This was done as a result of a fundamental shift
in the business model of the company from a centralized integrated organization to a model resembling a
holding company. The process of decentralization included the development of a portable Enterprise
architecture model backed by a governance model which itself was portable. The deployment of the
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