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architecture was enabled through a set of interlocking operational, tactical and strategic roadmaps designed
to minimize cost while providing autonomy for each business unit.
2) Technologies Standards- The second most notable achievement was an Enterprise wide inventory and
Standardization of all IT systems (Hardware, Software and Technologies). I facilitated, organized, analyzed
and documented all data. Next this data was the subject of many IT and Business Community meetings I
facilitated to ascertain the relevant Standard-Non Standard nature of each IT system including lifecycle.
Finally a flexible comprehensive roadmap was put into place to show how Standard and Non-Standards IT
systems would be handled which included the development of an Enterprise wide Lifecycle Management
policy and process.
My budget in 2007 was $4.5M+ and my 2008 budget is only 40% of 2007. This is based upon changes in corporate
business alignment that pushes technologies out to the Strategic Business Units.
International Business Machines, Endicott, NY 2004 - 2007
Senior Level - IT Architect, TOGAF Certified
Lead Enterprise IT Architect on customer engagements that facilitate the creation of customer relationships, define
the Enterprise technical and business scope that is based upon the customer’s specific business and technical
requirements. Then, lead the team and collaborate across the entire organization during the lifecycle of the project.
Responsible for directly managing executive business results and expectations, lead architectural technological
vision and solution, lead technical teams and others for architectural activities from the creation and negotiation of a
statement of work, to collaborations for determining the vision for a viable, customer-centric solution. Proven ability
to successfully work with C-level executives while leading diverse organizational teams for the quantification of
requirements, creation of a solid strategic vision, design of a viable architectural solution, and solution development
processes. Lead projects to the successful deployment of the solution while maintaining fiscal and technological
Thought leader in Business Transformation Architecture and Business Architecture IBM CoEs. Published and
implemented processes that enables customers to realize significant cost savings through the process of business
alignment to the tactical and strategic reuse of technical solutions utilizing current capabilities, business
intent/requirements and future strategic vision which is closely aligned to cultural and organizational structures
Authored Thought leadership white papers and educational case studies in conjunction with Massachusetts
Institute of Technology (MIT)
100% customer success rate by properly managing expectations, effective team leadership and through
successful collaborations with very highly skilled and dedicated individuals
AEGON, KY 2002 - 2004
Senior Level - IT Enterprise Architect, TOGAF Certified
Developed and maintained the Enterprise Architecture Practice, Enterprise Wide Technical Architecture and
associated governance bodies. Introduced and incorporated the TOGAF framework into the Enterprise Architecture
Practice. Developed and conducted a CMM assessment of the ITSM capabilities of the organization (both Service
Delivery and Service Support domains). This assessment led to the development of a (ITSM/ITIL) strategy,
roadmap, architected vision, and implementation plan including the technical architecting of an enabling supporting
technological solution (REMEDY). Developed and implemented the Business Architecture compliance framework
for Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel II regulations. Developed and implemented the corporate wide Patch/ Release
Management Policy and Process. Architected and developed the Enterprise Platform Selection Guide. Architected
and developed the roadmap for Business Process Management, Business Process Analysis and Business Rules
Engine. Architected and assessed product selection for the corporate wide Enterprise Application Integration Suite.
Developed and maintained the Enterprise Architecture Academy center for ongoing staff development and training.
ATOS-Origin, OH 2000 - 2002
Senior Level - IT Enterprise Integration Architect
Assessed, Architected and Implemented Enterprise Architecture Integration (EAI) solutions providing expert
technical knowledge in the architecture of simple, moderate, and highly complex scalable EAI solutions for Fortune
500 national and multinational companies across multiple industry verticals utilizing current and legacy applications
and platforms.
Sprint, KS 1998 - 2000
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