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Job Study Proposal Template
If you are requesting changes to the minimum qualifications as part of a request which
also involves other changes, please provide reasons for requesting the change such as the
need to expand or restrict the applicant pool and why such a change is desirable. If your
request is ONLY to change the minimum qualifications and does not involve title, factor,
pay or verbiage changes to other job specification elements, this form is not required.
Please direct Minimum Qualification Changes Only to our Staffing Division.
In most cases, you will enter a job title under “current” OR “requested”. However, if a
change to the job title itself is being requested, please include a job title in BOTH
columns. Simply enter a Y or N in the column on the right to indicate if a change to the
minimum qualifications is being requested. Please do this for each job title in the entire
job study.
Current Job Title Requested Job Title
Request for
MQ change
Feel free to add/delete rows to accommodate your needs on this form.
Reason(s) for requested change to minimum qualifications:
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Job Study Proposal Template