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Job Study Proposal Template Page 6
Job Study Proposal Template
Fill out Agency/Department information as well as the jobs encompassed by the job study.
Initial Implementation Year Costs: These are costs associated with moving employees to a higher pay range
minimum. Only employees who are below the minimum of the new pay range will receive a pay
adjustment to the new minimum rate of the pay range. You will answer related questions based on the cost
to implement the study during the fiscal year in which the study is projected to be effective. The estimated
implementation (effective) date will be the proposed Civil Service Commission Pay Hearing date which is
usually in April and October every year.
Total positions (including Other Compensation and Other Charges positions) in agency/department: This
refers to the agency’s Table of Organization and Non-Table of Organization Full Time Equivalents. New
positions that are created as a result of the job study are also a part of the agency’s Total Authorized
Number of authorized positions encompassed by the study whether costs are incurred or not: This refers to
all of the job titles that are related to the job study.
Number of authorized positions/employees receiving a pay increase due to being moved to a new pay range
with a higher minimum rate of pay: This refers to the number of employees who will receive a pay
increase due to current pay range being lower than the minimum of the new pay range.
NOTE: The only mandatory job study cost intended to be reported via this form is the
immediate pay increases necessary to raise the pay of employees below their new minimum.
Rule 6.8.1 no longer requires a minimum 7% increase in pay for affected employees. The cost
of creating and/or filling positions and promotions should be a part of the annual budget
process rather than this job study implementation cost form.
Estimated cost, per pay period for current incumbents receiving a pay increase NOT including the cost of
related benefits: Pay period refers to your agency’s payroll (bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)
Estimated costs per pay period for current incumbents receiving a pay increase, PLUS the cost of related
benefits: The cost of related benefits information is sent to each agency by the Office of Planning and
Budget every year.
Estimated current year incremental cost (including related benefits) by means of financing (State General
Fund, Interagency Transfers, Fees & Self-generated Revenues, Statutory Deductions, and/or Federal
Funds): If your budget is from more than one source, prorate the amount by each category. (Example: If
your current year cost is $6000 and 60% of your budget is from Fees & Self-generated Revenues and the
other 40% is from Interagency Transfers, then you would write $3600 Fees & Self-generated Revenues and
$2400 Interagency Transfers.
Are funds available in current fiscal year If yes, how are funds available (identify budget categories,
additional revenue, etc. and explain) Please explain if funds are available and how those funds are
Second Fiscal Yr After Implementation FY: July 1,       to June 30,      
Estimated annual incremental cost (including related benefits) by means of financing for this proposal
Estimate costs for second fiscal year by financing category.
How will funding be available to support paying the cost of this proposal in the next fiscal year Please
explain how funds will be available during the second fiscal year.
If the answer above is “funding will be requested to be included in the appropriation act”; if such funding is
not forthcoming, will you be able to implement the proposal within your budget allocation If so, how
Please explain in detail.
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Job Study Proposal Template