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Journeyman Lineman Resume
John Gayle
Moony View, 75778
Ambler, AK 67095
(688) 748-5866
Seeking a job as a journeyman lineman in a reputed organization and use my training skills
and experience in restoring, and maintaining power supply to residential and commercial
Skills and Abilities:
Excellent in communication
Exceptional ability to do work in all size of group
Able to prepare daily time-sheets and property records
Good at handling blueprints and required tasks
Able to perform work necessary for the building and maintenance of every type of
Able to handle all equipment used in the distribution of electrical power
Educational Qualification:
Completed Lineman Apprentice Program from Hazel Community College - 2008
Completed High School Diploma from Angle High School, Ambler, AK in 2006
Job History:
Journeyman Lineman
ABC Utility Company, Ambler, AK
2011 - present
Provide, restore and maintain power to residential and commercial buildings
Troubleshoot power problems by climbing the tower and poles and working
Check for trees and shrubbery getting close to the power lines and cut them after
acquiring permission from the local government
Ensure regular power supply to the communities
Journeyman Lineman
ABC Utility Company
2009 - 2011
Repaired electrical power lines both at towers and underground
Handled dangerous equipment very carefully
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Journeyman Lineman Resume