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Knowledge Transfer Template
Knowledge Transfer Template
Knowledge Transfer Plan (KTP) Highlights
In preparation for the departure of key staff within the organization, this planning
template assists in the effort to lessen the impact of those departures by capturing their
institutional knowledge.
The KTP is a knowledge transfer tool, in Microsoft Excel format, that will:
Ease role transition efforts
Capture essential position information
Group knowledge needs into logical and separate components
Provide a process to transfer knowledge in a scheduled, structured manner
Note: The KTP template is intended to be a fluid system and may be customized to fit your organization's needs.
It is recommended that template responses be completed in Microsoft Excel format as some data is formula
driven and automatically populates a response (i.e., minimum/maximum dates and total hours are calculated,
etc.). Contact the following for assistance in completing the template or to request an electronic copy:
Somer Ratanamany
Succession Planning Unit
Phone: (916) 376-5379
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Knowledge Transfer Template