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Landlord Reference Letter Request
Landlord_Reference Letter_Request
Request for Landlord Reference
To: Re:
The above referenced individual has applied for an apartment here. You are listed as a
present or prior landlord. We ask your cooperation in providing the information below so
that we may properly evaluate this individual’s application. Any and all information
provided will be kept in strict confidence.
I authorize the release of the requested information below:
Applicant Signature: ______________________________________________________
Occupancy Date: _____________________ Termination Date: ____________________
Name of person(s) residing in household:
___________________________________ ______________________________
Did the resident or any household member have a record of any of the following while
residing at your property
Disturbing neighbors
Yes No
Destroying property
Yes No
Poor housekeeping
Yes No
Lease/Rules violation
Yes No
Civil/Criminal violations
Yes No
Amount of monthly rent _____________________________________
Was rent paid on a
regular/timely basis
Yes No
Was legal action necessary at
Yes No
Were there any damages
Yes No
Would you rent to this individual
Yes No
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Landlord Reference Letter Request