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Lease Agreement 2
Lease Agreement 2
This lease agreement is made between ________________________________ whose address is
_________________________, Bangkok, telephone no. ______________________(hereinafter called
"Landlord"); and _______________________________, of the U.S. Mission, Bangkok, Thailand,
(hereinafter called "Tenant").
The Landlord leases to the Tenant and the Tenant leases from the Landlord for a term of 12 months,
beginning on _____________________, and terminating on ___________________, the premises
situated at _________________________, Bangkok , Thailand, telephone no. ________ and
____________. The monthly rent will be _________Baht for the premises, ___________ Baht for the
furniture, other fixtures and _________ Baht for the utility bills (includes electricity, municipal water and
drinking water), for a total ________ Baht per month (VAT included).
(a). To pay in advance 12 months rent for the 12 month rental period for both the premises and the
furniture prior to ___________.
(b). To pay the telephone bill which is the actual rate billed by the Thai Government, during the tenure of
the lease.
(c). To use the said premises only for dwelling purposes.
(d). To permit the Landlord/Agent to enter the premises in case of emergency, to make necessary or
agreed repairs, decorations, alterations, improvements, and supply necessary or agreed services. During
the last 30 days of the lease will permit the Landlord/Agent to show the premises to prospective tenants.
Except in an emergency, entry may not be made other than during normal business hours, and without
less than 24 hours prior notice for a time agreed to between the Landlord and Tenant.
(e). Not to assign or sublet the premises or furniture or any part thereof without the previous consent of
the Landlord.
(f). To maintain all properties comprising the premises and furniture in good order and condition, fair
wear and tear caused by normal usage or damages resulting from act of God, war or force major excepted.
(g). To repair at Tenant's own expense damage to the property which may occur by reason of Tenant's
own negligence or the negligence of any visitors or guests, except for normal wear and tear.
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(h). To make no alterations or additions to the premises without previous written consent of the Landlord.
All alterations or additions made by the Tenant to the said premises shall become the property of the
Landlord unless otherwise specifically excluded by mutual written consent.
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Lease Agreement 2