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Lease Agreement
Lease Agreement
This agreement is made between Abe and Fay Fattaey hereinafter referred to as “Landlord” --------------------------
hereinafter referred to as “Tenant” whereby Landlord leases to Tenant the property commonly known as-----------
Term of payment: Monthly Rent $__________This agreement for _____months beginning __________ and ending
_______ Rent due date commencing upon________ The payment of rent is due monthly in advance on the 1
each month. Rent not paid prior to the 2
of the month will be considered late and a $10.00 late fee plus $5.00 for
each day thereafter will be charged. Make rent checks payable to Abe and Fay Fattaey. Send checks to Abe and
Fay Fattaey, PO Box 194 Manhattan KS. 66505
The Landlord agrees, except where prevented by an act of God, the failure of public utility services or other
conditions beyond the Landlord’s control: (a) to comply with the requirements of applicable building and housing
codes materially affecting health and safety; (b) to maintain in good and safe working order and condition all
electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and appliances; (c) to supply running water and
reasonable heat, except circumstances beyond Landlord’s control. However, this section does not affect the
Occupants obligation to pay for these utility services as set out below.
1. Security Deposit: As a further consideration for the execution of this lease by Landlord and in addition to rent
agreed to be paid herein. Occupant agrees to pay the sum of $________ in one check as a security deposit upon the
execution of this agreement if occupant has promptly paid all rent, complied with all the terms and conditions of this
agreement, and has surrendered possession of the premises according to the terms of the lease, Landlord will deduct
appropriate amounts of this deposit for cleaning and restoring the premises to a condition equal to that at the time of
occupant’s first possession less reasonable wear and tear, and the Landlord will then refund the balance of the
deposit to the tenant. In the event that the tenant vacates the premises before the expiration of this agreement or
otherwise fails to comply with these terms and obligations of this agreement, the Landlord or his agent shall be
entitled to deduct from the security deposit amounts for the rents owed by Occupant, expenses, loss and damages
caused by occupants breach of the provisions of this lease, including, but not limited to: commissions paid to the
owner’s agents for releasing the premises, clean-up costs, overhead expenses attributable to advertising,
bookkeeping, and rent owed by Occupant. If the Occupant vacates the premises before the termination date, it
is understood and agreed that the Occupant remains responsible for timely monthly rent payments for the
full term of this agreement or until a different tenant commences a new lease. The provision shall in no way be
interpreted to relieve the tenant of its obligations to pay rent required by this agreement. It is further agreed that
landlord may retain the entire security deposit if the tenant attempts to apply the deposit as rent.
2. Utilities: Except as may be otherwise provided below, occupant agrees to pay all utility charges occurring or
payable in connection with use of the leases premises during the lease term. Landlord will pay the trash. Occupant
agrees to change such utility services to his/her name and be responsible for the billings commencing the first day of
the lease term and continuing until the last day of the lease term. Occupant must provide heat during the lease term.
The tenants agree to notify the landlord of any disconnection of utilities, and the landlord may collect from tenant
for any loss incurred by non-compliance with this provision.
3. Use of premises, Surrender, Occupancy, Subletting: Occupant has examined and knows the condition of said
premises, and has received the same in good order and repair, and acknowledges that the premises meet the
standards of condition and repair as set by law, and hereby agrees; (a) to use said premises for living rooms and
private residence only; (b) to surrender possession of said premises at the time of expiration of this lease without
further notice to quit, in as good a condition as reasonable and careful use will permit; (c) that said premises will be
occupied only by occupants who are party to this agreement. Subletting: Occupant shall not assign or sublease the
premises without the express prior written consent of the landlord, and payment of a $200.00 service charge by
occupant to Landlord. Landlord reserves the right to deny request of occupant to sublease he premises, occupant is
not released from the obligations assumed by terms of this lease. It is agreed that in the event occupant and
landlord agree to sublease the premises, occupant and sublease will be jointly and severally liable to landlord
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Lease Agreement