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Remarks (if any):
1) to accept the dwelling "as is," having already inspected it.
2) to keep yards and garbage areas clean.
3) to keep from making loud noises and disturbances and to play music and broadcast
programs at all times so as not to disturb other people's peace and quiet.
4) not to paint the dwelling without first getting Owner(s) written permission.
5) to park motor vehicles in the assigned space and to keep that space clean of oil
drippings and grease.
6) not to repair motor vehicle on the premises (unless it is in an enclosed garage) if such
repairs will take longer than a day.
7) to allow Owner(s) to inspect the dwelling, work on it, or show it to prospective
tenants at any and all reasonable times.
8) not to keep any liquid-filled furniture in this dwelling.
9) to pay rent by check or money order made out to the Owner(s) (returned checks will
have applicable late payment fees).
10) to pay for repairs of all damage, they or their guests have caused.
11) to pay for any windows broken in the dwelling while they live there.
Violation of any part of this Agreement or nonpayment of rent when due shall be cause for
eviction under applicable code sections. The prevailing party (shall/shall not) recover
reasonable legal service fees involved.
Tenants hereby acknowledge that they have read this Agreement, understand it, agree to it,
and have been given a copy.
Owner: __________________________ Tenant: _____________________________
By: _____________________________ Tenant: ____________________________
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