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Lesson Plan Template 2
Lesson Plan Template 2
Revised March 1, 2011
Lesson Plan Definitions and Template
1. Lesson Plan Code: an alpha numeric expression (Ex. M-1) used to "tag" the lesson
plan (The first letter will reflect the subject area: M=Math; S=Science; L=Literacy;
W=Writing; SS=Social Studies. (The number will reflect the order of the lesson plan
in the unit.)
2. Subject: a course or area of study composed of units
3. Grade Level/Course: a level of student academic development or course of study
4. Title: identifies the lesson topic
5. Alignments: shows the connection between standard, anchor, anchor descriptor,
and/or eligible content and the curriculum framework
Eligible Content
K-2 Performance Standards
Big Idea(s)*
6. Common Core Standards: (NOT required) Identify the Common Core standards
that align to the lesson plan
7. Vocabulary: Tier 3 words; words and language specific to that content area
8. Objective(s): the goal(s) of the unit; a subsequent measure of the student’s
9. Essential Question(s): Question(s) specifically linked to Big Ideas that frame
student inquiry and promote creative and critical thinking
10. Duration: expected length of the lesson plan
11. Materials : various items which are used to support the lesson
12. Suggested Instructional Strategies: strategies embedded within instructional
procedures including “WHERE TO” (Wiggins and McTighe).
13. Instructional Procedure(s): various ways in which the lesson can occur including
learning activities and extensions as a sub-heading. Extensions are examples of how
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Lesson Plan Template 2