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Lesson Plan Template 3
Lesson Plan A detailed plan for one discrete lesson (i.e. one hour session
with students).
Unit A series of lessons in the same art form to be taught in
succession (i.e. a ten lesson unit in line drawing).
Goal This is the overarching purpose of the lesson or unit. It should
be clearly stated and incorporate STARS project themes. The
goal(s) should clearly lead to specific objectives that will be
accomplished in each lesson.
Objective Objectives are clearly stated, concrete and measurable
statements of what is expected to result from the lesson.
Objectives should clearly link to the activities carried out in
the lesson with students.
Background: Provide historical context for art activity.
Materials & Resources List all materials/resources needed to carry out the lesson and where
to obtain them, if not clear (i.e. references for books needed, etc.)
Lesson Activities The bulk of the lesson plan is here, including the specific directions
needed to carry out activities
Teacher Tips Any miscellaneous tips that might be needed to replicate the lesson
Extending the Lesson Ideas for going beyond this lesson to explore similar themes
Vocabulary: VAPA vocabulary addressed by the lesson, plus any other unfamiliar
terms, with definitions.
VAPA Standards Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards for California Public
Schools, Prekindergarten Through Grade Twelve.
Academic Standards Content Standards for California Public Schools (i.e.
English/Language Arts standards, History/Social Science
standards, etc.)
Power Standards Key Standards identified by grade-level teaching staff at each
Attachments List any materials, worksheets, etc. needed to replicate the lesson
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Lesson Plan Template 3