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Letter Of Intent For Contract Template
Letter of Intent (LOI)
Date: day/month/year
Ref. No:
To: whom it may concern
I …………..…………under signed, as Managing Director of (company name here) hereby
confirm with full legal and corporate responsibility and under penalty of perjury that we
are ready, willing and able to enter into a contract for the purchase of the following
commodity as specified below and that funding is available including any
import/export permits needed to fulfill the purchase of the commodity as specified
below. Also, hereby we introduce our exclusive purchase representative as specified
below for this purchase by which any negotiations by the suppliers must be handled
and finalized;
Total quantity:
Quantity per month:
Target Price:
Destination Port:
Terms of delivery:
Our Company Information:
1. Company Name:
2. Company Origin:
3. Company Registration Number in the country of origin:
4. Company Address:
Our Purchasing Representative for Above Commodity:
1. Company Name:
2. Country of Origin:)
3. Company Registration Number in the Country of Origin:
5. Company Address:
Company Telephone:
Telephone Fax:
1. Buyer submits LOI allowing soft probe or LOI & BCL.
2. Seller issues FCO.
3. Buyer returns signed and stamped FCO.
4. Seller issues Contract with full banking.
5. Buyer and Seller sign and exchange contracts.
6. Seller provides Proof of Product.
7. Buyer's Bank opens Letter of Credit.
8. Shipment commences as per contract.
We understand that any and all offer and/or contracts are subject to successful Seller
verification of funds availability. We hereby give our written permission for the Seller to
conduct a soft probe of our account and that our Bank has been informed to this effect.
Person Name
Managing Director
Company name
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Letter Of Intent For Contract Template