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Letter of Recommendation for Elementary Student
Outstanding Student Recommendation
(School District Letterhead)
(Student) student taught at Garfield Elementary School, Davenport, Iowa from
august 25, 1999 through December 17, 1999. Garfield School, A US Department of
Education Blue Ribbon School, is a K-5 environment comprised of a diverse population of
students. The current enrolment is 378, with about a 33% minority. (Student) was assigned
a departmentalized fourth grade Math and Science structure of two classes, one of which
was a full inclusion. A fifth grade Math class was also part of their assignment. Extra duties
included supervision of students, attendance, at staff and committee meetings, staffings,
conferences with parents, and weekly reports.
(Student) has shown a true sense of professionalism. Punctuality, sincerity, and
dedication were evident in her daily work. The same standard was evident throughout her
experience. (Student) showed an energetic attitude and maintained a professional appearance
and a professional manner.
Throughout their experience, (Student) lessons continue to be well thought out and
showed a wide variety of child centered activities to meet the many needs of different
learning style within the classroom. (Student) lessons demonstrated confidence in her ability
to have all students be successful learners and participants, which promoted self confidence
and a higher level of self esteem in her students. Her kind and gentle way with the students
provided a safe environment for all to learn. (Student) demonstrated outstanding fairness
and consistency in dealing with behavior management. The classroom climate was one of
mutual respect, friendship, and a sincere understanding of each students self esteem and
ability level. In meetings with parents, (Student) displayed professionalism and often added
valuable information for both parents and teachers.
(Student) communication skills, both with students, supervising teacher, staff
and parents were excellent. Lessons were delivered with directions being clear and concise.
(Student) had a gift of questioning techniques which elicited responses from all children.
Students were comfortable seeking out (Student) for additional help, which she gave readily.
Written communication with parents was clear and accurate and sent home on a weekly
basis. I felt (Student) was able to communicate with me on a professional level as well as a
friendship level. This made our working relationship very comfortable. (Student) would
not hesitate to ask questions and was very accepting of constructive feedback and applied
suggestions readily. I have truly enjoyed supervising and watching (Student) mature in her
teaching ability.
And so it is without hesitation, and my personal opinion, that (Student) will be an
outstanding addition to any school faculty. Her dedication to the education field, her
outstanding organizational skills, and her exemplary teaching ability, leads me to believe that
(Student) has the dedication and knowledge to be a successful teacher and will have much to
offer the teaching profession.
Cooperating Teacher
(School District)
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Letter of Recommendation for Elementary Student