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Letter of Recommendation for Elementary Student
Struggling Student Recommendation
(School District Letterhead)
(Student) completed her student teaching at (school), (district), (city). (Student) worked in a self-
contained fourth grade classroom from (beginning date) to (ending date). The class consisted of 30
students ranging in ability from mainstreamed special needs to talented and gifted students.
It took some time for (Student) to get to know the students and the classroom routine. She assisted
in team-teaching situations as well as routine duties. She taught in all subject areas and with
guidance she was the head teacher for two weeks. She was cautious about teaching math, but she
was willing to put together and teach a unit on time and money in which she used manipulatives to
facilitate learning. She was more confident in the language arts area, but planning for, and working
challenged her with, more than one group of students at a time. She became more aware of planning
for the appropriate use of time by all students. One group enjoyed participating in a play that she
organized for them. She is developing the ability to recognize and adjust for a variety of learning
levels within the classroom. (Name) has shown an interest in trying new ideas and is willing to
listen to advice.
I feel (Student) would benefit from being a part of a mentoring program as a new teacher. She
displayed a willingness to learn and she showed a genuine concern for students. Her engaging
manner helped her establish good rapport with the students. In a supportive environment, she will
then be able to further refine her abilities and to grow as a teacher. With her willing attitude and
warmth toward students, she would be an asset as a teacher in an elementary school.
Cooperating Teacher
(School District)
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Letter of Recommendation for Elementary Student