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Letter To Manager For Promotion Template Download
January 17, 2013
Corinne Smith
123 Firefly Court
Oakman, ID 33391
Walter Cornwell
Products Galore
100 Office Park
Oakman, ID 33391
Dear Mr. Cornwell,
I am writing to express my interest in the recently posted Customer Service Manager position at
Products Galore. Since I was first hired as a Customer Service Representative at Products
Galore in 2009, I have been working towards my goal of transitioning into a leadership role.
Because I was identified by management as having leadership potential, I have participated in
several management training programs. I have also supervised teams of representatives in
management’s absence and performed other functions of my manager to assist her as needed.
I feel that I am qualified for this position for several reasons. First of all, I have a complete
understanding of the challenges facing a customer service representative since I have been one
myself. I have excelled in this position, and I am confident that I have what it takes to help
others succeed as well. Secondly, I have seen an excellent example of leadership in my own
manager. She has been preparing me for some time for the day that I would move into a
management role, and I feel very equipped to do so. Finally, I am a very motivated individual
and a natural encourager. I enjoy learning what motivates others, coaching them, and helping
them to perform at their highest level.
While I understand the challenges that an employee might face when moving into a position
where they would be managing employees who were once their peers, I am confident that I
could easily handle this transition. I have built a good rapport with all of my coworkers. As I
mentioned, I have supervised them on previous occasions, and I feel that they already view me
as a leader.
My success in my current role is an indicator of my commitment to excellence and my
understanding of what it takes to be a great customer service representative. I would embrace
the opportunity to bring my expertise and insight to the table in a managerial role. I am confident
that the Customer Service Department at Products Galore could greatly benefit from what I
have to offer.
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Letter To Manager For Promotion Template Download