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Library Project Documentation
Library Project Documentation
Problem Statement & Scope Statement
Problem statement
Problems that are facing by the users while using the current Library system
The current system of the university doesn’t allow users to login from different campuses.
1. As it is not available online every student calls up to find out if the book is available or not. -
Too many calls to answer
2. Every time a student calls for a book you have to check the racks for the availability of the
book. - Too much of physical work.
3. If some one reserves the book, he’s not sure if he definitely can get the book as the previous
student may not return in time.
4. Either the student has to call or come to the library to reserve the book, but cannot reserve
online over the internet.
5. Fines have to be calculated manually.
6. Students have no idea to check their account.
Project Scope
Project Title : Library Management System
Date : Prepared By :
Project Justification:
This project is basically updating the manual library system into a internet based
application so that the users can know the details of their account ,availability of books
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Library Project Documentation