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Likert Scale Questionnaire
Likert scale questionnaire
Attitude questions adapted for third sector (UK) organisations from Likert’s research,
indicating important determinants of organisational effectiveness.
Neither Strongly
Question 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Overall I am satisfied working
in this organisation
2 People in senior management
respect my personal rights
3 I am often expected to do
things that are not reasonable
4 I have confidence in the
judgement of senior
5 There is a friendly feeling
between management and
6 Management usually keeps
us informed about things we
want to know
7 The organisation tries to take
unfair advantage of its staff
8 This is a good place for
people trying to get ahead in
their career
9 This is a good place for
training and personal
10 Management is not very
interested in the feelings of
11 I know exactly what is
expected of me in my job
12 Staff frequently do not know
what they are supposed to do
13 This organisation is a better
place to work than other
organisations in this field
14 The jobs here are well
organised and co-ordinated
15 There is a lot of wasted time
here due to poor planning
16 Our job targets seem to be
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Likert Scale Questionnaire