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Love Letter to Him
Love Letter to Him
Dear Jack,
This is Angelica on the other side talking to you. You might be wondering as to why I
am talking to you in this way. There is something which I wish to tell you. I have tried
to say this before but never got my tongue twisted so hard any time before.
We have been friends from our childhood. This friendship has reached another level
for me. I have started feeling for you. I LOVE YOU. I have wanted to say this for a
long time but never had enough in me to do so.
I love you for everything. You understand me so well. You complete me. However,
no matter what is your reply, our friendship shall prevail every time and every test put
forward by time.
I shall continue to love you for all my life. I am eagerly, earnestly and curiously
waiting for your reply. I LOVE YOU.
Yours lovingly,
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Love Letter to Him