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Love Letters to Him
Jack Ahern
D-45, block A, Foresto complex,
New York
Date: 19
May 2014
Dear Jack,
There is no way in the world through which I can truly and sufficiently express my
love for you but writing this letter to you will definitely prove to you that its only you
I think about, all day and every night. You entered my life when I was at my lowest
and helped me rise again in this world. You have been a constant support and I am
totally and deeply in love with you.
Sometimes I wonder what would I do without you Jack. To whom would I go when I
needed to talk To whom would I call when I was feeling low You make me happy
and you make me feel loved. Our endless conversations and our sweet meetings
make me love you more each day. Now that you are not close to me and have moved
out of the city for work, I have realized that staying apart from you is so tough for me.
Please come back soon as I am missing you a lot.
Your girlfriend,
Patricia Lockwood
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Love Letters to Him