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Mailing Newsletter
Mailing Newsletter
Masthead Subhead
What’s Inside
TOC List Bullet.
This text is set in a floating text box
anchored in the footer.
To access: View > Header and Footer.
(Alternately, simply double-click in
the footer area: the bottom .75-inch
Add entries to the TOC keeping in
mind: that the last line of the TOC
should base align with the last line of
article copy, and that the first line of
the TOC should not be any higher than
the first paragraph of text in the lead
article. Hint: to nudge the floating text
box up or down, click once inside the
box, click a second time on the frame,
then holding the Alt key tap the up or
down arrow as needed. (If on a Mac,
use the Option key.)
Issue style Year Month Newsletter
Website URL
Heading 1 spans two columns
as a standard
Body Text style. This template demonstrates the typing format for all newsletters.
Consistent use of this format will help provide a positive, coherent image for
Portland State communications.
BODY INLINE HEAD STYLE. To assist you in using these documents, the first
sentence of every paragraph is the name of the style in use. After such prompts,
other instructional text may be written to inform you of best practices or other
high-level formatting tips to help in creating your newsletter work.
As a rule, these documents are sectioned so that each page presents a standard
layout. This is a write-to-fit layout, meaning that any overflow text on one page
will disrupt subsequent pages in the document.
For example: if you have eight lines of overflow text it will push copy onto the
next page, disturbing the text and formatting of other newsletter pages, since as
each full page shifts to the next, only parts of its layout get reassigned. This is
normal. Best practice here is to either:
Edit article copy and cut the 8 lines;
Or, if you want to save the overflow text, cut the eight lines and paste the text
into the overflow page at the end of this document (Make sure NOT to cut away
the section or page break at the end of the final paragraph, as this is needed to
set up the next newsletter page).
Caption Here. See last page for tips on inserting images.
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Mailing Newsletter