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Resources available from the Help menu
The Microsoft Dynamics GP Help menu gives you access to user assistance
resources on your computer, as well as on the Web.
Opens the Help file for the active Microsoft Dynamics GP component, and displays
the main “contents” topic. To browse a more detailed table of contents, click the
Contents tab above the Help navigation pane. Items in the contents topic and tab
are arranged by module. If the contents for the active component includes an
“Additional Help files” topic, click the links to view separate Help files that
describe additional components.
To find information in Help by using the index or full-text search, click the
appropriate tab above the navigation pane, and type the keyword to find.
To save the link to a topic in the Help, select a topic and then select the Favorites tab.
Click Add.
Opens the Help file for the active Microsoft Dynamics GP component, with the
Index tab active. To find information about a window that’s not currently displayed,
type the name of the window, and click Display.
About this window
Displays overview information about the current window. To view related topics
and descriptions of the fields, buttons, and menus for the window, choose the
appropriate link in the topic. You also can press F1 to display Help about the current
Opens a lookup window, if a window that you are viewing has a lookup window.
For example, if the Checkbook Maintenance window is open, you can choose this
item to open the Checkbooks lookup window.
Show Required Fields
Highlights fields that are required to have entries. Required fields must contain
information before you can save the record and close the window. You can change
the font color and style used to highlight required fields. On the Microsoft
Dynamics GP menu, choose User Preferences, and then choose Display.
Printable Manuals
Displays a list of manuals in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format, which you can print or
Orientation Training
Accesses online tutorials that show you how to complete basic procedures within
Microsoft Dynamics GP. Additional tutorials are available through the
CustomerSource Web site.
What’s New
Provides information about enhancements that were added to Microsoft Dynamics
GP since the last major release.
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Manufacturing Work Instruction Template