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Insights From This Year’s Report
Organic Sales Continue to
In 2015 the market for organic food
increased by 39%. The Swedish
market for organic products, including
exports, is equivalent to a sales value of
approximately SEK 23 billion.
A Shortage of Raw Materials
Hampers Growth
The market for KRAV-labelled food is
limited by availability. There is, amongst
other things, a shortage of KRAV-certified
milk, certain kinds of cereals, Swedish
fruit and vegetables and pork. This leads
to limitations in the production of both
existing and new products
Everyone Knows About KRAV
Almost all Swedes – 98% – are familiar
with KRAV. Familiarity with the EU-organic
label is 55%. Seven of 10 Swedes know
that KRAV has stricter standards than the
The Positive Attitude is Getting
The positive attitude towards KRAV has
strengthened during the past five years.
Seven out of 10 Swedes – and 84% of the
target group LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health
and Sustainability) – have a positive
attitude towards KRAV. KRAV is associated
with characteristics such as reliability,
expertise, high status and modernity.
Eight of 10 Swedes, and nine of 10 in the
target group LOHAS, regularly buy KRAV-
labelled products. Three of 10 Swedes
and half of all LOHAS consumers prefer
organic food products that are also KRAV-
Showcase and Give Great Deals
LOHAS consumers, to a greater extent
than other consumers, choose shops
according to the selection of organic
products. LOHAS consumers want clear
information and good displays of organic
choices, appreciating when they are
connected to advertising campaigns and
membership discounts.
Strong Demand in the Retail
and Food Services Sectors
The demand for KRAV-labelled food in
the retail sector is expected to continue
to increase. Within the foods services
sector, demand is strengthening in both
the private and public sectors. The major
actors plan to further expand their KRAV-
labelled selection. There is a potential
here for both primary producers and
processors to convert and develop the
organic options that there is a demand for.
Great Export Opportunities
Exports of organic food total SEK 700
million. It is a very small share, both in
terms of Sweden’s total food exports of
SEK 67 billion and the global market for
organic food that totals SEK 550 billion.
The Potential for Increased
Swedish Production
The share of Swedish-produced organic
food in the retail sector is approximately
43%. The equivalent share of KRAV-
labelled products is 45%. The share of
Swedish products is biggest for dairy and
fresh products, and lowest for colonial
products, confectionery products, fruit
and vegetables.
The KRAV Market Report 2016 describes
how the market for KRAV-labelled and
organic food has developed in Sweden.
Consumer insights, trends, sales volumes,
channels, company examples and export
opportunities are presented.
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