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Marketing Consultant Proposal Pdf
Marketing Consultant Proposal Pdf
YALSA Board of Directors Annual 2012
Topic: Measuring Board Member Assessment Process
Item # 38
YALSA Board of Directors
ALA Annual Conference, Anaheim
June 22 – 26, 2012
Topic: Status of Marketing RFP
Background: As per Board directive, YALSA’s Executive Director sent out an RFP
in April for a marketing consultant to five firms in the greater
Chicago area. The deadline for response was May 15
, and three
were received. YALSA staff are in the process of reviewing them to
determine which one best meets YALSA’s needs and budget.
Action Required: Information
Request for Proposals Marketing Consulting
Section I: Introduction
The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), a Division of the American Library
Association, is requesting consulting services from an experienced professional with strong
knowledge of associations &/or not-for-profits and niche marketing. The individual or firm will
work with staff and member leaders to create and support implementation of a comprehensive
and innovative strategic plan to market YALSA, its products, programs and services.
Past marketing efforts have focused on the following outcomes
Increasing YALSA visibility and brand recognition throughout the library community
Increasing public awareness of YALSA and the organization’s awards for young adult
Strengthening library community’s perception of YALSA as a credible and outcomes-
based provider of critical programs and services that support and strengthen library
services to young adults (ages 12 – 18)
These outcomes remain important to us; however, as YALSA approaches future marketing, we
considered the following:
Future marketing goals
YALSA needs to evaluate its current marketing efforts in order to identify successes and
challenges so that a viable plan can be created and appropriate resources and tools can be
identified to help YALSA market more effectively and expand its reach and impact. The plan
needs to make the most of our limited resources, both human and financial, in order to enable
Promote existing and upcoming products and services, including continuing education
opportunities, publications and membership, to existing and new audiences
Better define our brand to increase awareness about the organization with primary and
secondary audiences
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Marketing Consultant Proposal Pdf