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Marketing Message Template
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Worksheet 8c
Your Marketing Message and Attitude
In paragraph form describe:
1. The message about the features and benefits you want to convey. (What do you want people
to know about your product or service that will make them want to buy it Include an
emotional driver important to your potential customers.)
2. The marketplace image you want to convey. (What image will come to a customer’s mind
when they describe your business to a friend)
3. How will you convey your image and the benefits of your product/service to potential
clients (What will your marketing materials, website, office décor, owner’s personal image,
etc., look like How will they set you apart from the competition What other unique actions
will you take to attract the clientele you are targeting)
4. How will you measure that your marketing tools/image are what attracted the clients
5. What will your unique marketing methods cost
6. Why will your unique marketing tools attract clients
7. What will you do if clients are NOT attracted by your business image and the features of
your product/service
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Marketing Message Template