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Since 2001, UBC Social Ecological Economic Development Studies (SEEDS) has been a leader
in promoting sustainability on campus at the University of British Columbia. SEEDS has been
successful bringing together students, faculty, and staff to work together and to resolve many
sustainability issues.
SEEDS’ potential and opportunities for sustainability at UBC appear to be endless, however,
due to constrained funding and resources, unapparent promotions, limited execution of
communication strategy and lack of brand awareness at UBC, there are some challenging issues
that need to be resolved in order for SEEDS to maintain or increase its current level of projects
and further increase awareness.
In order to strengthen SEEDS brand image and increase awareness, there are 4 objectives which
need to be accomplished. We suggest that SEEDS:
1. Have at least one SEEDS project in every faculty by September 2011
2. Increase staff participation by at least ve staff units per academic school year
3. Increase student and general awareness
4. Increase nancial, human and data management resources
There are three primary groups which we believe communications strategies should be targeting:
Department heads, high ranking staff members, and those who are somehow involved in
sustainability. The following is a non-exhaustive list of several key communications strategies
we suggest:
Lead Generation, Contact by Email, Contact by Phone
The key to any business with a small budget is determining key contacts, and contacting
them directly
SEEDS Information Session/Mixer
Bring together staff, faculty, and students for a night on sustainability. The event will also
show how SEEDS can break the barriers between groups and build community at UBC.
Inspirational Stories and Testimonies
Video on Website
CRM Data Management System
A data management system which will help SEEDS management keep in touch with clients
and potential clients
To increase awareness, it is critical that SEEDS develops a wider audience among the UBC
community, even if this means fewer projects with established clients. A sustainable campus is
far from a reality, but the SEEDS program can pave the way for the future and grow this campus
into a sustainable one.
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