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Marketing Proposal Template 2
Terms & Conditions
In step nine, you present the following:
financial fees for each of the above options
payment terms (how much you need upfront to start the contract;
discount if contract is paid in full upfront, etc)
expense terms
any other conditions you want to put on the proposal
As a general rule, it’s a good idea to keep your terms and conditions minimal,
especially with corporate clients. If you opt for the long detailed versions,
expect delays due to legal involvement. It’s best to offer the minimal
conditions and let their legal team take lead if they decide that your proposal
needs legal involvement.
In step ten, your client checks their desired option, signs and dates. Don’t
forget to provide an easy way for them to send the contract back to you.
While this process may seem long and drawn out, you’re right it is. The
proposal is where we make our money. What keeps your clients coming back
are results. Those results are determined by what objectives and
measurements you provide within your proposal.
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Marketing Proposal Template 2