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Marketing Research Proposal Template
Executive Summary
Montana State University Libraries (MSUL) commissioned the Marketing
Club at Montana State University (MSU) to conduct primary research that
would assist MSUL in making future resource allocation decisions. The
primary objectives of the research were to determine the information
acquisition and usage behaviors of MSUL constituents.
To achieve the objectives, marketing club researchers conducted three
focus groups. One focus group involved Bozeman High School students,
whereas the other two were comprised of MSU students. In addition,
MSU’s faculty and students’ information acquisition and usage patterns
were recorded with the help of two separate surveys specifically designed
to target each group.
Key findings are as follows:
1. When searching for information, MSU students prefer the Internet
over conventional resources such as textbooks. In contrast, MSU
faculty seeks information primarily through library resources followed
by the internet.
2. Although MSU students’ use of library databases is at par with MSU
faculty, the students’ reliance on help from librarians is substantially
lesser than faculty’s use of librarian help.
3. Students are embracing mobile technologies for personal use, but
students’ pace of adoption of new technologies such as RSS and
blogs that are potentially useful in education is slow.
4. Faculty’s awareness and usage of RSS feeds and blogs was higher
than students.
5. Students still value face-to-face time with faculty, however, for
students the most important factor in searching for information is the
ease with which information can be retrieved.
6. Upper level students are more likely to use library resources and less
likely to put faith in resources such as Wikipedia.
7. A substantial number of faculty and students believe that within a 1-
5 year time frame it is possible to offer course material through
personal electronic devices. However, faculty members expressed
a lesser likelihood than students to use such technology.
Based on the results, the Marketing Club recommends that MSUL become
a repository of information as well as any and all information technology
resources which may be used to access information and knowledge in
the current information technology environment as well as in the future.
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