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Marketing Research Proposal Template
This report presents findings from primary research conducted by the
Marketing Club at Montana State University (MSU) in response to a request
made by the Dean of MSU Libraries (MSUL) Tamara Miller, to assist with
gathering necessary information to make future resource allocation
Background and Problem Definition
MSU Libraries cater to approximately 13,000 students and nearly 1100 full-
and part-time faculty members. MSUL’s mission is to facilitate student and
faculty success by providing access to information and knowledge.
Due to the dynamic information technology environment that MSUL finds
itself in, it is important to MSUL’s administration to make informed decisions
about how faculty and students access and use information and
knowledge. To make such decisions it is critical that MSUL’s administration
is aware of the information acquisition and usage patterns of both current
and future constituents. Based on the premise of staying abreast of the
constituents’ needs, the following problem was identified:
MSUL’s administration needs a better understanding of how the
constituents of MSUL acquire and use information. An improved
understanding of constituents’ needs will assist MSUL’s administration with
making well-informed resource allocation decisions as well as with
pursuing pertinent technologies that will further MSUL’s mission.
Research Objectives
Following the important step of defining the problem, MSUL’s
administration and Marketing Club researchers met on January 30
, Feb
and Feb 17
, 2007 to arrive at a common understanding of the
objectives of the primary research. Based on these meetings, the following
three research objectives were mutually agreed upon:
1. To find out how MSUL’s constituents currently meet their information
and knowledge needs.
2. To measure MSUL’s constituents’ awareness and usage of
innovative technologies that assist in the acquisition of information
and knowledge.
3. To measure future students’ information acquisition and usage
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Marketing Research Proposal Template